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No wax in the ear
Is it a problem if you have no wax in the ear?

I feel some itchiness in my right ear all the time. I use to clean it with ear buds all the time, but I didn't find any wax secreted in the ear. Is it a problem if there is no wax in the ear?

Wax is a part of your skin which is inside the ear canal, bit of wax is always secreted. There are many differences in the wax like the amount of wax varies from person to person and sometimes the difference is shown in the same person also. The colour of wax varies in person to person and types like dry, wet wax also varies. Not having wax is not a major problem, you may leave it. In some people there is no wax secretion and it may dry off. When you examine the ear if there is no wax, No need to worry and it's not abnormal as far as you may see any symptom. Sometimes you feel little itchiness in the ear. So we suggest you to apply bit of moisturizer in the tip of the ear bud, and gently rub it around the canal about 3 or 4mm. It will solve the dryness and itchiness. While bathing make sure that water doesn't enter into the ear and don't use any drops or oil indiscriminately without medical advice.


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