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Cold Sores
What is the best treatment for cold sores? How soon will it heal?

I have cold sores on my lips after a period of fever? How can get rid of these sores? Please suggest a treatment?

Cold sore is a viral infection of herpes simplex virus.It has two episodes, first episode has the highest number of times to heal. Second or reactivation episode causes due to cold sore, it is short lasting and can usually last for 2 to 3 days. For this, the treatment is with a medicine, which is an oral antiviral tablet. If it is suggested by dermatologist and is dosed at 3 times a day for healing it takes 1 to 2 days.cold sore will come after a period of fever or sun exposure or treatment they can feel that tingling sensation where the sore is going to come. Antiviral tablets are given as a preventive treatment before the cold sore appear so that it can disappear. If you have recurrent cold sores,more than 2 to 3 episodes a month or more than 3 to 5 episodes in 3 months. Consult your dermatologist so they can give you medications which prevents this cold sores.



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