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Can tablets control my sugar levels?

Our Daughter-in-law is pregnant now, but she is a diabetic. She is under medication for diabetes for four years. In a recent diagnosis, her sugar levels showing high. So the doctor suggested her to take insulin injections, But my daughter-in-law scared of marks on her skin. She wanted to use tablets instead of insulin injections. Is it ok?

Thanks for writing to us; Please remember, in pregnancy sugar levels will become high.

Even in non-diabetic women sugar levels will rise. Here your daughter-in-law is already diabetic. So chances are more to raise. To control sugar levels in diabetic pregnant women taking insulin through injections is a must because insulin injections will act more than tablets to control the levels.

Here two persons required insulin not only mother, the baby also in need of insulin. So tablets will never help to complete the required dosage.

Taking a good diet, doing exercises like yoga and jogging will help to reduce sugar levels.

Physical activity helps pregnant women more and more. Here in your case taking insulin suggested by your doctor will easier your journey. All the best.



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