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No pains, What's the reason?

She has completed her 9 months period of pregnancy but she didn't get any delivery related pains till now. We are worried whether it is going to take any serious situation at the delivery time. Please let us know what to do for getting delivery pains or shall we wait for more days?

You are saying that 9 months has completed, but we count it for 40 weeks. Please check whether 40 weeks completed or not. We see this condition in some women who have a delay in the menstrual cycle. Who were having periods for 35 to days those women will have this problem. To check this type of conditions will do scan EDD in the first trimester. In 4 weeks will do it for confirmation and in the 8th week will do NT scan. EDD means the expected date of delivery, through this report you can check your delivery date.

Consult your Gynecologist to get clarity on your delivery date. In 20% of women, they will get pains before the delivery date, in others pains will start after delivery date. If you don't have any other complications like blood pressure, sugar and having sufficient amniotic fluid then you have to go to your doctor, they will do CTG test to check your all other complications. And everything is fine not even now you are getting pains after crossing the delivery date, they will wait for another week (41 weeks) and then they will explain you the complications to get forced pains. Because you forced to get pains, sometimes baby's heartbeat will stop, and after delivery, you will get your periods early. So please discuss with your doctor for what to do further.


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