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Kid hitting his head to wall? Do I worry?

We had two boys, elder one 4-year-old, the younger one is 2 years old. These two boys fight with each other all the day. They fight for the toys with which they play. Our younger one is doing too much nowadays. He wants whatever he asked, otherwise he is going to hit his head against the wall. What should I do? Is it common to see such type of behavior in a 2 years boy? We afraid of his behavior?

In psychology terms we name this kind of behaviors as tantrums, means when a child wants you to buy something for him, first, he falls down and cries until you give what he asked. If you gave him what he asked, then this attitude will convert to his behavior. To avoid this you have to ignore the unwanted behavior. Means, whenever your child does like this to have something he wants, you have to ignore his attitude. To avoid this you have to assign strict rules to both. Ask them to play in certain conditions. Give them a timetable to play with toys, ask them to share the toys with each other. First, you follow these rules and after, ask your kids to follow the same. Slowly your kids will train to follow these rules, and it will become habitual to them. Instead of this if you give your younger child whatever he asks then his false confidence levels will boost. So don't throw your elder child's confidence to a low-level, by fulfilling your younger child wants. Give equal priority to each of them.


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