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Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy, which is the best?

Recently my father has been diagnosed with a tumor in the brain. We didn't find any symptoms before diagnosis. But one thing was there, that he was going for urinals while he was not conscious. And sometimes he used to forget whatever he was done just before. These are the only symptoms we observed for 2 or 3 times. but we never thought It could be cancer. Now, please tell us which is the best treatment option for a tumor in the brain? 

Radiotherapy means radiation through the electric power, this is the procedure called radiotherapy. Where powerful chemotherapeutic drugs will inject through injections into the nerves to decrease the condition is called chemotherapy.

The cancer treatments depend on its type. for example, if we could find the cervix cancer in the early stage like in a first stage or second stage we could definitely cure it with only radiation. If it was in advance stage we have to do surgery and after that radion will be given.

If you take breast cancer as another example if you find the lump size 1 to 3 centimeters below in the breast, through the surgery we can remove it and almost problem will solve.

Or else after removing the tumor in the breast, if the cancer is there in the blood then we will give chemotherapy where powerful medicine will give through injections.

These are the three treatment options for different type of cancers. For more details on your father's condition, you must consult your oncologist. 


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