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Is cool weather increase sinusitis? Please help?

As a software engineer, I need to work in a cold area for at least ten hours a day, though I am suffering from sinusitis since 3 years, my question is if I work in cold weather for a long time is there any chances to increase my problem?

Sorry to hear that you are suffering from sinusitis. But the good news for you is, there is a permanent cure for sinusitis. Through surgery or specific medication, your sinusitis will permanently be cured. The symptoms which you will experience are it is sinusitis there is a blockage in the nose, you will get a headache and a cough.

Yes, chances are high to increase your sinus problem if you stay in a cold weather. It's better to consult your doctor and have an endoscopy to evaluate the present condition of the problem. Endoscopy will give you more information about your nose inner condition. It will help more in evaluating the condition and it will show us if there is an infection in the nose, bone problems and polyps.

If you have a headache or bone problems then you have to go for CT. Most of the times sinuses are normal even if a blockage is there in the nose. After CT if you find any sinus infection in the nose then you have to undergo a surgery. Surgery will help you a lot to clear your sinusitis problem. After surgery, you have to take the necessary precautions suggested by your doctor. If you are suffering a lot from your sinusitis problem immediately consult your ent specialist. good luck. 


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