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Child Psychology
My son become an introvert. Can you help?

Our school going son is seven years old. He has by birth. Now, this is the biggest problem for him. His friends laughing at him when he was talking. He is complaining about it daily. We are sad about him, but we couldn't find any solution. Please suggest us to help his life.

We’re not sure about battarism, we don’t know is it a disease or a mental disability. But in children up to 5 to 6 years of age, we consider it as a common problem. When they give more attention then the problem becomes more. When you as a parent take it as a small problem, soon your child will get rid of it. Even the children who are suffering from battarism they also know that they need to stretch words to talk. But when we don’t separate them on this problem, later on, it will disappear.

If you concentrate more on it the child will develop the inferiority complex. If anybody laughs at them then the fear of talking will develop in their subconscious mind. The result of all these situations is the child will develop more and more battarism. So the solution for this condition is we have to be positive about battarism children and we have to build confidence in them. We have to treat them as a normal child. Because in reality, it’s not a big problem or a disability. After all, this done even if you didn’t see any improvement in your child please contact your Paediatrician or consult a speech therapist they will suggest you some tips to talk normally. Best of luck.


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