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Fell down and unconscious, Is it a Heart stroke?

My husband is 35 years old. He has alcohol and smoking habits before our marriage. Last week while he was walking he fell down and unconscious for some time. How could I understand this condition? Is it a symptom of Heart stroke? Waiting for your answer.  â€‹

At the age of 35, chances are less to get heart stroke. But if your husband is an alcoholic or a diabetic and if he has a strong family history of heart issues then of-course chances are there to get heart problems.

Symptoms like a weight on the chest, dragging with ropes or burning sensation in the heart are the symptoms of heart stroke. In some cases, this pain will spread into the throat, abdomen, hands and spinal cord.

When you strain physically or mentally then such type of pain will occur. For example, if you walk for a long time or when you do any weight lifting activity then this type of pain will occur.

After getting this pain you have to take rest for sometime. After that this pain will disappear. Sometimes it may gas trouble. However, if you want to clear your doubt whether it is a heart problem or not please have a 2d echo, treadmill and ECG test.

These tests will help your doctor to evaluate the condition of your husband's heart. Please visit your health care provider. 


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