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9 Best foods to increase blood platelets.

Platelets act as our blood protector. Doesn't allow our blood to get wasted. These platelets cure small blood diseases in our body. The platelets count in our body is from 1,50,000 to 4,50,000. If the platelets count is less than required a person will be affected from high fever, blood pressure, heart attracts and illness. It's very dangerous to live. To know the count we need to do the complete blood test(CBT). Improvement of these platelets is done only by taking the best food.

9 Best foods for the development of blood platelets are:

1. Beetroot - If we take this amazing results will be there for platelets. Anemia disease can be cured.

2. Carrot - Carrots must have twice-weekly.

3. Papaya - To improve our blood levels papaya is the best medicine.

4. Garlic -  It's an idiot material. Platelets will grow naturally. so, add garlic in our recipe's.

5. Leafy vegetables - Rich levels of vitamin 'K' must be eaten from Leafy vegetables.

6. Pomegranate - The fruits which are in red color will contain rich levels of IRON.

7. Apricot - One of the iron content fruit is "apricot". Should have twice a day for best results.

8. Currants - 30% of iron is present in dry fruits.

9. Dates - High levels of iron and nutrients are present in dates.

By eating all the above-mentioned food, the growth of platelets will be naturally


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