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Breast Cancer can be identified with these signs:

Breast cancer affecting most of the women now a day. Some of them will have lumps or bulge near the breast. All lumps don't indicate breast cancer. We should be alert from this breast cancer.

Signs of this cancer are given below:

* If the breast skin is thick or tissue may be lost through periods.

* If it is like a hard marble under the skin.

* If the breast or nipple is reddish in color.

* If you can see any change in the skin or nipple.

* If it looks or feels different from normal.

* If there is a change in size, shape, and form of a breast.

* If you see clear or bloody fluid from your nipple.

* If the breast is dimpled, wrinkled, scaly or inflamed.

Any of the above-mentioned sign is shown in the breast; you should immediately consult your doctor. Know more about your condition and take absolute treatment. Some of these signs may be normal or some may cause harm. Refer your doctors for further.


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