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Health Tips

ఎప్పుడూ అందోళనగా ఉంటున్నారా?

1. You can use the fear as energy to leap forward - When you have fear of something, and then dance with your fear. Because of fear fuels more fear at the same time happiness fuels more happiness.

2. Try to do the mistake perfectly - Yes, not saying theoretically. But practically do the mistake and understand your mistake in every angle. You won’t be killed for one mistake. No one will burn you for doing a mistake; they definitely appreciate you for your attempt. If someone complains tell then you did it on purpose. Purposeful mistakes will prepare you for unexpected mistakes.

3. Be humor, be responsive – Learn to control perfectionist’s pressure, avoid their pressure by understanding them. Either you succeed or fail, show them life’s shades of grey. Disarm their approach by communicating humor.

4. What’s the worst happen? – We have to aim high but at the same so we should be balanced. This thought can help you, and others put things in perspective. Write everything which comes to your mind. Are you really worrying about real things or just illusions? Or are you taking small things too seriously? You must separate your worries from facts.

5. Humour is life – Try to add more humor to your life. Surround yourself with people who crack jokes all the time. Don’t look at news channels and too serious shows; watch comedy shows instead. Don’t laugh at others first you should laugh at yourself. It will strengthen your willpower.   


Life is all about Questions and Answers. Health is not an exemption of this. Because health is a major and important factor in our life. We have a lot of information on online about health issues. Here is the point to get confused about health conditions. We at will contact the best healthcare providers and let you know the answers to your questions. Remember these answers and information provided here is only to create awareness on asked condition or illness. It is not a substitute for your treatment. If you have any serious illness or conditions please contact your healthcare provider immediately.