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నెగెటివ్ భావాలు కూడా ఆరోగ్యానికి మంచిదే

When we stand in front of a mirror, will see your clear image. But we cannot see our feelings in images. If we could see some of them but we are not ready to accept them.

When you are jealous of somebody you never like to recognize it. We can easily convey stomach pain or leg pain but most of the people never ready to express their emotional feelings.

Even if they are angry at somebody they say nothing like that. And when they are scared about something also they ignore to express feelings. Experts are saying that this is the point to generate mental issues. When you are not ready to express your stressful feelings, there are chances to convert those feelings into physical health issues.

some people thought that if they express their inner feelings like angriness, shy and fear other will underestimate them, and others will know their weakness. The people who never express their feelings properly they are lacking in taking good decisions.

You have fear in your mind but you are showing false courage before others then you have to continue the act. For any great human being, he will have his own fears and negative emotions which he doesn't like.

Avoiding fears and negative emotions will low your confidence levels. When you are ready to express and face them then your confidence towards life will become high. When you accept negatives you will throw out from your comfort zone and you will accept your challenges and achieve them. 

Truly we are human beings laughing like a toy all the times will not possible. Some people say that 'I am mentally very strong' but those people also have to have negative emotions and fears by accepting and expressing your feeling whatever positive or negative it would help you to be mentally strong and you can balance your life.

But When you lie or escape from those feelings. Recognising your emotions will lead to knowing positives and negatives of any situation. And consciously you can avoid the feelings which you don't like.

Misguiding yourself and you are trying to be happy all the time, then you have to accept entering bad habits and temporary comforts into your life, and you have to run behind them all your life.


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