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Tips: Can help you to avoid a cold?

Do you felt throat pain early in the morning? And feeling cough, sneezing and nose block? No doubt these are symptoms of a cold. No way, you need to have or some days cause you never get rid of cold immediately. But you can avoid these symptoms with some precautions.

Rest is a must

When your body diseased it needs the struggle to fight with infections. So that it is important to give rest your body. It’s better to be at home when you are suffering from a cold. When you give proper rest to the body it couldn’t fight with infections. Sleeping early in the night and have a nap in day times would be better to grow immunity in your body.

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Have more fluids

1. Having liquids will reduce your nose blocks, fatigue and headache also curable with liquids. If you are a non-vegetarian having chicken soup will help you cold.

2. Chicken soups will reduce the swelling tendencies in the body, and it will get you to relax from cold symptoms.

Throat gargling

Gargling with salt hot water also gives you relief from a sore throat. Having a spoon of honey will give you better results. A mix of lemon water and honey will help you to reduce the effect of cold.

Having hot water bath and breathing hot will help you to avoid nose blocks.


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