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Do you lose sleep? What you can do about it?

Why Sleeping is important?

Good sleep improves memory power. Studies prove that good sleep after learning anything new will be remembered for a long time. This is the reason, the students who lose their memory at exams because they night-outs to study for exams preparation.

Sleep is very important to regenerate every part and organ of the body. The brain will work at sleep but it loses its control on body and environment. In a sleep, the body will function but the brain and other organs will go into rest mode, while sleeping, this is the motto of the sleep.

How does sleep effects the health?

In children and teenagers growth hormones will release at sleeping, that’s why sleeping is very important in growing children. Stomach full food, eyes full sleep, who wants’ more than this. But nowadays like lack of water, lack of food, people are suffering from lack of sleep. Yes, it's true.  

Restless brains and restless eyes are depending on other substances for a good sleep. This is the reason for accepting sleep as a big problem.


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