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The changes you could see in a pregnant woman?

Most commonly we can see many changes in a pregnant women. Generally with pregnancy darkening will occur in certain areas like darkening around the nipple and areola or darkening of a line starting from below the naval to the pubic hair or the growth of dark patches on the face. The pregnancy harmones tend to make the skin cells dark pigment enlarge. so, because of this pigmentation the birth mark, freckles, moles or scars will become more dark after the third month of pregnancy. This changes will disappear after the delivery but for some people it remains permanently.  It's very common for all the women, so don't worry about this darkening.

There will be a vast change in harmones and this is shown on the breast. In the early pregnancy the touch of breast will tender sensitive. The sensitivity will decrease  in the middle of the pregnancy. The change of colour around the  nipple and areola becomes dark,This darkness on the breast remain permanently in most of the women. If the breast size is large, heavy or sagging use well fitting cotton bra  to avoid stretch marks, to support weight of breast and sagging also.


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