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Is it imporant to evaluate tubes after ectopic pregnancy?

Tubal evaluation is very important to perform any kind of couple. There are two tubes on either side of uterus, these are called as fallopian tubes, one is left side and other is right side. Basically the egg and sperm meet in the tube and form an embryo and these embryos are stored in the uterus. If the tubes are blocked or diseased then this process will not be done and is result as tubal ectopic pregnancy or infertility. If the egg and the sperm will not meet and they can't form embryo.

Tubal pregnancy takes place when the tubes are diseased, basic functions of tubes is to push back the embryo into uterus. If this function is not done embryo is implanted in the tube and cause tubal pregnancy. It should be identified early and treated immediately for the best results.

If the tube is effected with ectopic pregnancy, it means the tube is diseased for some extent. We thought that disease may be affected other tube also. If it is there, it could be caused by various stage of tubal diseases. It should be evaluated, so that the person will not landup with repeated ectopic pregnancy. When a couple undergone for infertility treatment the rate of ectopic pregnancy is very high upto 10 - 20%. If a person has undergone for ectopic pregnancy for first time then the chances of ectopic pregnancy increases for the  second time up to 20-25%, if it is for third time there will be rapid increase of 40%.

It's very important to diagnose the tubal disease in the early stage to  prevent the ectopic pregnancy. though, we can find a way to evaluate and treat to how best a person can conceive and embryo can intrauterine for the cycle.


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