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How to recognize the kidney problems?


Kidney diseases are silent problems, sometimes we cannot notice even if kidney damaged. There are different types of kidney diseases like

- Stones in the kidney 
- infectious kidney 
- Kidney dysfunction - Acute kidney injury. 
Chronic kidney disease: No symptoms will found immediately. 

- Cancer in kidney 
- Cysts in the kidney 

Identify the problem and come to a conclusion. 

1. If there is a stone in the kidney it shows severe pain and burning sensation while passing urine. If the stone has an infection, the person will have fever, pain and sepsis may occur. 

2. If it is a kidney disorder normally we conclude that it won't cure and we have to go for dialysis. All diseases are not dangerous.

3. Chronic kidney disease is dangerous, over a time it declines the kidney.

Other than this urine infections, temporal dysfunction or nephrotic syndrome - means patient will have protein leakage from kidney. Symptoms of kidney diseases are urinal infections, burning sensation while passing urine, passing less or more urine, kidney may have stone or infection. If there is abdominal pain kidney may have stone, infection or cancer. Large group of kidney problems won't have symptoms. Kidney dysfunction symptoms are not shown untill its cured. Upto 70 to 80% we call it as Asymptomatic kidney diseases. High risk people with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, kidney stones, genetic kidney disease they need to have an ultrasound, urinary, serum creatinine. These tests should done for every 3 or 6 months period. Normally everyone should have these tests once a year, through this diagnosis we can understand the severity of the problem.


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