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Are grains important ingredients in our daily life?

1. Grains will contain a less glycemic index (G1). Rice, wheat, and Maida will release glucose in our blood within 15 to 35 minutes of time. Whereas sire grains will take 5 to 7 hours of time and slowly it releases the glucose in our body. Sire grains will prevent diabetes and other diseases.

2. These are dietary foods for alkali characters and they fight towards cancers. Sire grains are gluten-free.

3. As we all need grains of high-level fibers (8 to 12.5%) where fibers will control glucose levels, will benefit through these fibers. We gain 25 -28 grams of fibers from this important food.

4. It has a high level of thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin which are good for our heart, mind, and muscle.

5. Micro Nutrients: Will have magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium etc. from sire grains. If the millet fibers attached to our small intestines, by this the absorption of water and nutrients will give us a good result. Charcoal rice has 12.5% of proteins and in other grains, we have 6% of proteins. Millet grains will affect some organs and there is a possibility for our perfect health.

6. When we have grains as our main or important food then all diseases like obesity, joint pains, miscarriages, thyroid, heart, kidney, brain, and nervous problems can be cured.

7. In unpolished sire grains we have soluble and insoluble fibers, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus etc. will present in good levels.

8. Sire grains can grow in any soil. 5 – 6 showers of rain sufficient to cut the crop. There is no need to use fertilizers or insecticides to grow grains. Grains should not be taken to store for more days.

9. These are fully organic; Seeds can be used as crop seeds, also formers will get their own title.

10. All recipes can be cooked with sire grains; unpolished sire grain millet could be soaked for 5 – 6 hours before cooking to have its best result.

11. If we soak at night we can cook in the morning. Or else if we soak in the afternoon we have to cook at night. All recipes like rice, roti, Pongal, Idly, Dosa, and Biryani can be cooked with sire grain millet.

So, why so late?

Invite sire grains into your life from today itself, Introduce the grains to your children to give them tomorrow’s healthy life. Where you can get daily fiber dose, these grains will provide 38 grams of fiber, through sire grains you will get it.

Rice and wheat will contain only 0.2 - 1% of fibers. So invite sire grains into your life today itself.


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